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I just wish I could hate you enough to say "Surprise you're on cut up camera!"

I like to play with the pretty ones. I like to keep them closer than Egyptian cotton sheets. I like to curl their thin bodies into mine and feed off their heat. I like to feel just a bit of bone when my fingertips run across their bodies. I like how deep their eyes can be, yet so porcelain perfect. I like their lips, the softness that is kept in pink silk pedals. I like the scent of their skin late at night trapped in my arms.

In jrock_asses ~> I claimed Ruka's ass from Nightmare!

Dir en Grey is Wet Love

Kyo's lips are LOVE

Kyo's lips are LOVE
Made by tetura

Miyavi is Wet Love
by lil_loud

Miyavi is Wanton Love
by lil_loud